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Canada crowned the best country for investments and immigration for two consecutive years.

By 3 March 2020May 20th, 2020No Comments

According to the 2019 Anholt-Ipsos National Brand Index (NBI) global ranking, Canada ranked first in immigration and investment for the second consecutive year. Immigration and investment scores are based on five “comprehensive attributes”, namely work life, quality of life, education, investment in the business, and social equality. Anholt-Ipsos collected a total of 20,035 online interviews with adults aged 20 and over from 20 countries and ranked 50 countries based on these interviews. Over the next four years, the level of immigration to Canada will increase to 350,000 annually. In recent years, the Canadian entrepreneurial immigration programs have attracted more foreign entrepreneurs’ attention. The Canadian Start-Up Visa program is the first choice for many IT elites, patent masters, technological innovation entrepreneurs, executives and shareholders.

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