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On August 22, 2023, British Columbia (BC) announced the results of its latest draw for the BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP), offering a valuable opportunity to highly skilled and semi-skilled workers. This draw, conducted within the BC PNP Skills Immigration category, was strategically designed to attract individuals employed in high-demand occupations within the province.

Notably, the BC PNP also extended its invitation to candidates from the Express Entry BC stream, underscoring the program’s commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity.

In this round of invitations, approximately 230 fortunate individuals were selected to receive Invitations to Apply (ITAs) under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program. These selected individuals represent a diverse mix of Skilled Workers and International Graduates. The minimum score required to receive an ITA in this draw varied, with scores ranging from 60 to 109. The specific score requirement depended on the particular stream and category within the BC PNP.

  • Draw Date:  August 22, 2023
  • No. of Invitations: ~ 230
  • BC PNP Stream: Skills Immigration
  • Minimum Score: Ranging from 60-109

BC PNP Latest Draw Results: August 22, 2023

The most recent BC PNP draw saw the issuance of approximately 169 Invitations to Apply (ITAs) to eligible candidates. These ITAs were allocated across five distinct applicant categories, each having its unique minimum score requirement. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the ITAs distributed in this draw:

Date Number of
Stream Minimum
August 22, 2023 169 Skilled Worker 106 General draw
(includes tech occupations)
Skilled Worker – EEBC option 106
International Graduate 109
International Graduate – EEBC option 109
Entry Level and Semi-Skilled 88

BC PNP Targeted Draws

In addition to the general draw, the latest BC PNP round also included targeted draws that resulted in the issuance of nearly 61 Invitations to Apply (ITAs) to eligible candidates. These ITAs were allocated to three specific applicant categories: Childcare, Healthcare, and Other priority occupations. Here are the minimum scores required for each category:

Date Number of
Stream Minimum
August 22, 2023 33 Skilled Worker, International Graduate (includes EEBC option) 60 Targeted draw: Childcare: Early childhood educators and assistants (NOC 42202)
August 22, 2023 23 Skilled Worker, International Graduate (includes EEBC option) 60 Targeted draw: Healthcare
August 22, 2023 <5 Skilled Worker, International Graduate (includes EEBC option) 60 Targeted draw:
Other priority occupations (NOCs 31103, 32104)
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BC PNP Skills Immigration Categories

The BC Provincial Nominee Program’s (BC PNP) Skills Immigration (SI) stream stands as a pivotal route for skilled workers aspiring to secure the provincial nomination in the province of British Columbia. Within this stream, a variety of categories are available, each presenting remarkable opportunities for individuals hailing from diverse backgrounds and possessing a range of skills.

BC PNP Skilled Worker: The BC PNP Skilled Worker sub-category is tailor-made for individuals who have completed post-secondary education or specialized training, acquiring valuable work experience in a skilled occupation. Eligible candidates can seize this opportunity by obtaining a job offer from an employer situated within British Columbia. This sub-category acts as a gateway to permanent residency, allowing skilled professionals to contribute their expertise to the dynamic BC workforce.

BC PNP Health Authority: Recognizing the pivotal role healthcare professionals play in society, the BC PNP Health Authority sub-category extends its appreciation. This category is exclusively designed for doctors, nurses, psychiatric nurses, and allied health professionals, offering them a noteworthy pathway to the provincial nomination. Eligible candidates must secure a job offer in a qualifying healthcare occupation within the province, propelling them toward a fulfilling career and a fresh chapter in their lives.

BC PNP International Graduate: Tailored for ambitious individuals who have recently graduated from a Canadian university or college, the BC PNP International Graduate sub-category provides an avenue to success. These graduates, armed with fresh perspectives, can secure a job offer from a BC employer in a skilled occupation aligned with their field of study. This category promises an optimistic path to establish a thriving career while building a future in the picturesque region of British Columbia.

BC PNP International Post-Graduate: Elevating the importance of academic accomplishments, the BC PNP International Post-Graduate sub-category warmly welcomes Master’s and Doctoral degree holders in natural, applied, or health sciences from eligible institutions in British Columbia. These distinguished individuals are celebrated for their exceptional contributions to research and innovation. By offering a direct route to provincial nomination, this category applauds its scholarly achievements while nurturing ongoing growth and success.

BC PNP Semi-Skilled: Extending its reach to individuals seeking employment in the realms of tourism, hospitality, food processing, or long-haul trucking, the BC PNP Semi-Skilled sub-category invites candidates with a valid job offer from a BC employer in a qualifying occupation. This path is accessible to those who meet specific language and employment criteria. The category unlocks doors to a prosperous future in thriving industries, providing an opportunity to contribute to the vibrant economy of British Columbia.

Canada Targeted Express Entry Draw for French Speakers ~ 2,300 Invitations

What is Express Entry BC Stream?

Through a collaborative initiative between the Government of Canada’s Express Entry system and the province of British Columbia (BC), the Express Entry BC (EEBC) Stream emerges as an exceptional immigration pathway. This partnership empowers BC to pinpoint potential candidates within the Express Entry pool who might meet the criteria for one of the EEBC streams.

Harnessing the capabilities of the Express Entry system, British Columbia seeks to simplify the immigration process and identify individuals with the requisite skills, qualifications, and expertise to play a substantial role in the province’s economic advancement and progress. This strategic partnership offers a distinct opportunity for proficient professionals to pursue their Canadian aspirations in the stunning province of British Columbia.

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