Saskatchewan Farm Owner/Operator Stream

Saskatchewan Farm Owner/Operator Canadian visa program is for experienced farmers.

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    Saskatchewan Farm Owner/Operator Stream

    Saskatchewan Farm Owner/Operator Canadian visa program is for experienced farmers who want to establish and operate a farm in the province. The business visa program is part of the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) of Saskatchewan, named Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP).


    The Saskatchewan farm business program is for individuals who want to operate a farm business in livestock and crops’ primary agricultural production. Individuals who wish to apply for the farm entrepreneur visa program must meet the Saskatchewan Agriculture department’s criteria.


    Eligibly Requirements


    Financial Worth


    Applicants who want to get the nomination through the Farm Owner and Operator category must show a net worth of at least C$500,000. The applicant has to demonstrate that their wealth is obtained from legal sources.


    Farm Experience


    Applicants must provide documented proof about the education, training, and work experience relating to the farm operation.  It is also required to submit financial documents of the previous farm operations.


    To be eligible for the Farm business visa program, applicants have to show that they have at least three years’ experience in farm management, farm ownership, and practical farming experience. Farm labour experience does not qualify unless accompanied by farm management and ownership experience.


    Business Plan


    Applicants need to submit a detailed business plan for a commercial farming opportunity in Saskatchewan. The business plan must show how the applicant intends to invest a minimum of C $ 150,000 to establish a viable farm business in the province.


    Candidates must own one-third of the business. For a partnership business with less than one-third ownership share, the minimum investment requirement is C$1 million.


    Performance Agreement


    The Saskatchewan visa program requires individuals to make a ‘good faith’ deposit of C$75,000 in trust. The amount is refundable, subject to meeting the terms of the Performance Agreement regarding the farm operation. Applicants will have to meet the terms within two years of arriving in the province.


    Saskatchewan farming business program requires that the farming operation can generate a minimum of C$10,000 per annum. Contact a professional Canadian immigration consultant regarding details of the farm Performance agreement.


    Employment Skills


    Applicants must also have marketable employment skills based on experience and education. The employment skills should allow the applicant to supplement the income from the farming business.


    Individuals who don’t meet any of the previously mentioned criteria are not eligible for the program. Other factors that may disqualify an individual for the farming business visa include:


    • The applicant or a dependent family member – whether accompanying or not – has a dangerous medical condition or a criminal record
    • The applicant has an unresolved child support or custody case
    • The applicant has not disclosed all the facts with the intention of misrepresentation or fraud during the application process


    Farm Owner/Operator Category Intent Grid


    Applicants must also get a minimum score of 55 points on the Farm Owner/Operator Category Intent Grid. The following table outlines the scores for different intent criteria.


    Intent Criteria Maximum Points
    Commitment 10
    Community/Family Contracts 10
    Home Ownership 10
    Visit 15
    English Competency 15
    Business Development 20
    Business Contracts 20
    Total Points 100
    Passing Points 50

    Young Farmer Sub Stream


    Applicants below the age of 40 years can apply through the Young Farmer sub stream. The requirements are the same as the provisions for the Farm Owner/Operator stream. But the net worth requirement for the sub-stream is at least $300,000, instead of $500,000.


    How to Apply for the Farm Owner and Operator Program


    Exploratory Visit


    Candidates who want to apply for the Saskatchewan program must make an initial visit to explore farming opportunities in the province. The visit must be for a minimum period of 10 business days. During the stay, applicants have to meet with the Saskatchewan representatives and discuss the business plan’s viability.


    Submit an Application


    Applicants have to prepare an application and submit documents required for the farm business visa program. Contact a licensed Canadian business visa immigration consultant to learn about which forms to include with the application. All the documents should be in French or English. If any form is not in the required language, the applicant has to submit:


    • The original document,
    • Photocopy of the translation
    • An affidavit about the experience of the translator
    • Anyone can translate the document except a family member or third party that prepares the application for the farm business visa program


    Net Worth Assessment


    Saskatchewan immigration authority will assess your application. If the application is found complete, the applicant must contact a financial service provider in Canada to evaluate the financial details.


    You will have to submit relevant financial documents to MNP Ltd. in Regina, Saskatchewan, or KPMG in Toronto, Ontario. The financial service provider will send you an assessment report regarding the net worth. You need to send the evaluation report to the immigration authority within 90 days of receiving the notification.


    If the Saskatchewan immigration authority approves your application, you will receive a Nomination Approval and Request for Deposit letter. Additionally, the immigration authority will send you a Business Performance Agreement letter. You have to sign and send back the agreement letter and make a Good Faith Deposit of C$75,000 through wire within three months of receiving the nomination letter.


    Post-Approval Process


    Saskatchewan immigration authority will send you a Nomination Certificate that is valid for six months. You will also receive a Nomination letter containing information on applying for Permanent Resident Status with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).


    You will also receive a Temporary Work Permit Support Letter. The work permit will allow the applicant to establish a farm business in the province.


    After arriving in Saskatchewan, you need to meet with the SINP Landing Officer. You will receive guidance on setting up the farm business in the province through on-site visits and referrals to business service providers.


    Applicants must hire an approved immigration consultant for the Saskatchewan farm business visa program.  A licensed Canadian immigration consultant will provide you with complete details about the process of applying for the program.