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Canadian Universities are trying to balance the diversity of international students.

By 8 November 2023February 8th, 2024No Comments

According to a recent observation by McLeans, 54.1% of 356,035 Canadian study permits issued to international students in 2018, went to students from only two countries: India and China. Such a situation puts Canadian universities and colleges in danger of uncertainty and dependence over geopolitical challenges. In order to overcome this problem, Canadian educational institutions are looking forward to recruiting students in as many countries as possible. As a result of a 2018 diplomatic scandal between Canada and Saudi Arabia, the latter ordered its students studying in Canada to leave their studies. After the Meng Wanzhou arrest, Canadian universities feared the same could happen with Chinese students. International students are an important source of income and human capital for Canada, and that’s why the government needs to protect its interests.

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