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On August 31, 2022, Canada announced Express Entry Latest Draw results. In round #230, 2,750 candidates were invited to this all-program draw, which is 500 candidates more than the previous draw.

The CRS cut-off for the latest express entry draw was 516, 9 points lesser than the last draw held on August 17, 2022.

This draw considered candidates in all Express Entry programs: Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), Canadian Experience Class (CEC), and Federal Skilled Trades (FST).  A total of  239,196 Express Entry Profiles are in the pool as of August 29, 2022.

The Latest Canada Express Entry Draw Results:

  • Express Entry Round: #230
  • Draw date: August 31, 2022
  • CRS score cut-off: 516
  • No. of candidates invited: 2,750
  • Tie-breaking rule: April 16, 2022


Check out the latest express entry pool breakdown as of August 29, 2022.

Latest Express Entry Pool Breakdown August 31 2022


The CRS Scores are sky-high ever since the Express Entry Draws resumed on July 6, 2022. Although there is a gradual decrease in the CRS cut-off scores as promised by the Canadian Government. Before Covid-19, Express Entry draws invited 3,000 to 50,000 candidates per draw.

The high cut-off is largely due to the build-up of competitive candidates in the Express Entry pool over these years.

IRCC has confirmed that they intend to invite thousands of candidates per round, if the number of ITAs issues remains low, the CRS cut-off could remain high.

So the most important question that rises here is when will the CRS score come down to normal ranges. To predict the future draws we need an important metric, that is the no. of candidates added to the pool between August 31, 2022, to September 14, 2022.

We don’t have much data on how many people can be added to the pool. For the sake of calculation let’s take an average of no. of candidates added to the pool in all the draws that happened so far.

So there should be 548 candidates added with a 600+ CRS score, and 955 candidates will be added in the 501-600 range.

Please refer to the table below for the average no. of Candidates to be added before the Next Express Entry Draw.

Next Express Entry Draw Predictions September 2022
Canada Express Entry Draw Prediction September 2022

In the next Express Entry draw only candidates within 601+ and 501-600 CRS ranges will receive invitations.

The estimated draw size for the Next Express Entry Draw (September 14, 2022) will be 3,000. In this draw, 548 candidates will be invited from the 600-1200 CRS Score range, and the remaining 2452 candidates will be selected from the 501-600 range.

For the 501-600 range, there is a big difference between 8179  (before the draw) and 5727 (after the draw), the cut-off score for the Next Express Entry Draw will be around 501-516.

This is a broad range, and we need to narrow it down. If we assume numeric distribution between 501 and 516, which means all candidates are evenly spread out and there is no skew.

So, 8179 candidates are evenly among 15 points (501-516). Sending out 2452 invitations will cover (2452/8179)*16 which equals 5 points. So the next cut-off score may come down 5 points bringing it to 511.

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Here are 6 alternatives for candidates having less than a 500 CRS Score:

1. A Valid Job Offer

A job offer from a Canadian employer can benefit low-scoring candidates with between 50 and 200 points. The candidates having a valid job offer must ensure that it is a full-time job, have at least 1-year duration and must be for NOC level 0, A or B. Apart from that, your employer needs to support you with a positive LMIA.

Learn more: How to get a job offer from outside Canada?

2. Study Permit to PR

Study Permit to Permanent Residence pathway is recommended for candidates with CRS scores lower than 500. You can work as an international student and gain relevant experience to apply for Express Entry inside Canada.

3. Visitor Visa to Work Permit

You can also come to Canada on a visitor visa and apply for jobs during your stay. If you get success, you may obtain a work permit from a Canadian employer and obtain 1 year of work experience required to apply for Express Entry.

Learn more: Visitor Visa to Work Permit in Canada

4. PNP Immigration

The candidates getting invitations in the latest Express Entry draws are in the 600-1200 range. Most of these candidates have opted for PNP-based Express Entry pathways. This is because Provincial Nominee Programs can add up to 600 points to the base score.

5. French Language

Most of the Canadian provinces favour French-speaking individuals. Eventually, cut-off scores will come down, at that time you can take advantage of the extra CRS points you have obtained through French Language proficiency.

6. Bill C-19

There is a likelihood that many applicants will be able to receive an invitation thanks to the introduction of C-19, regardless of their CRS Scores. So, if you have CRS Score below 500, it is ideal to wait for these occupation-specific draws with individual cut-off scores just like a PNP.

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