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  • The Latest BC PNP Draw Results (October 12, 2022)
  • Why BC PNP Candidates were removed from the registration pool?
  • New BC PNP Scoring System Coming Soon

The BC PNP October 12th, 2022, draw gave out invitations to nearly 374 applicants. The Latest BC PNP Draw consisted of 320 invites for applicants in the general draw and 54 invites for applicants in targeted draws.

The minimum Skilled Immigration Registration System (SIRS) scores for the general draw ranged from 78 to 114, while the minimum SIRS score for the targeted draws was 60. These BC PNP results are in line with previous draws where applicants were chosen based on their background working in occupations considered “in-demand” in British Columbia. Applicants were selected under each of the following categories:

  • Skilled Worker
  • Skilled Worker – Express Entry option
  • International Graduate
  • International Graduate – Express Entry option
  • Entry Level and Semi-Skilled
  • Entry Level and Semi-Skilled – Express Entry option

BC PNP General Draw Results

The general draw held on October 12th, 2022, gave out invitations to 320 applicants with SIRS scores ranging from 78 to 114. The minimum scores for each category are shown below:

Invitations Issued Category Minimum Required Score
320  Skilled Worker 114
Skilled Worker – Express Entry 114
International Graduate 104
International Graduate – Express Entry 104
Entry Level and Semi-Skilled 78
BC PNP Latest Draw Results

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BC PNP Targeted Draw Results

British Columbia holds special “targeted” draws for applicants with backgrounds working in occupations that are considered “in-demand”. The targeted draw held on October 12th, 2022, gave out invitations to 54 applicants in different in-demand occupations. The minimum SIRS score to receive an invite was 60.

The draw for each category is summarized below:

Invitations Issued Category Minimum Required Score Occupation Type NOC Code
25 Skilled Worker, International Graduate (includes Express Entry option) 60 Childcare educators and Childcare assistants 4214
19 Skilled Worker, International Graduate, Entry Level and Semi-Skilled (includes Express Entry option) 60 Healthcare
<5 Entry Level and Semi-Skilled 60 Healthcare Assistants 3413
<5 Skilled Worker, International Graduate (includes Express Entry option) 60 Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians 3114 and 3213

Source: BC PNP Draw Results

BC PNP Paused Till November 16th, 2022

In a recent British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program update, the province announced it would be pausing its intake of applications through the Skills Immigration Registration System from October 12th to November 16th, 2022.

The province explained that the BC PNP pause was due to its immigration programs transitioning from NOC 2016 to NOC 2021. This new NOC classification replaces skill levels such as 0, A, B, C, and D with TEER categories TEER 0, TEER 1, TEER 2, TEER 3, TEER 4, and TEER 5.

Check the Latest BC PNP Occupation List Here

Removal of Skills Immigration Applicants from the Registration Pool

Applicants who have applied under a BC PNP Skills Immigration category have been removed from the British Columbia PNP’s registration pool. Such applicants must reapply using the new registration system once it reopens after November 16th, 2022.

Applicants who are applying through BC PNP Entrepreneur, BC PNP International Post-Graduate, or BC PNP Health Authority categories can continue submitting their applications as usual.

New British Columbia PNP Scoring System

The province has also announced that it will be implementing a new scoring system for BC PNP applicants after November 16th, 2022. Information on this new scoring system will be included in the BC PNP Skills Immigration Program guide that will be published soon. Subscribe to our news updates to stay updated with the latest changes in the British Columbia PNP.

BC PNP Latest Draw Results

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