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The MPNP Entrepreneur Pathway is a popular Manitoba PNP stream. This program is suited for foreign entrepreneurs who would like to set up and operate a business in the province. The province started this program to encourage foreign investments, grow the economy, and create new jobs for Canadian citizens and Canadian permanent residents.

Prospective entrepreneurs should ensure they understand the eligibility requirements and application process before applying to this program.

Eligibility Requirements

The minimum eligibility requirements for the MPNP Entrepreneur Pathway are as follows:

Business Experience (within last 5 years)

  • Applicants must possess a minimum of three years of full-time work experience in business ownership or senior management role.
  • The MPNP defines a business owner as someone who possesses an ownership share of 33% or more in the business.
  • The work experience must also be attained within the last five years.

Net Worth

Applicants must possess a minimum net worth of $500,000 CAD. They must possess this net worth at the time they apply for the program.

Language Proficiency

Applicants must demonstrate their proficiency in English or French by scoring CLB Level 5 or NCLC Level 5 or higher on a recognized language exam.


Applicants must have completed high school and possess a high school completion certificate. This education credential must also be equivalent to that of a Canadian high school certificate.

Note that meeting the above eligibility requirements allows entrepreneurs to apply for the MPNP Entrepreneur Pathway. However, they will also be assessed and given scores on additional criteria using the Self-Assessment Form.

Step-by-Step Process

Prospective entrepreneurs can apply for the Manitoba’s MPNP Entrepreneur Pathway using the following steps:

Stage 1

  • Research & Preparation
  • Registration
  • Application

Stage 2

  • Application Assessment and Approval
  • Establishing the Business and Receiving a Nomination
  • Applying for Permanent Residence

Stage One

1. Research & Preparation

  • Applicants must first assess if they are eligible to apply for the MPNP Entrepreneur Pathway by reviewing the requirements mentioned above. They are then encouraged to perform research and come up with a viable business concept.
  • This business concept is essentially a condensed summary of the full business plan detailing the business idea, its operation, and forecasted growth plans.
  • Prospective entrepreneurs can conduct part of this research through the internet. However, the MPNP encourages all applicants to make an “exploratory visit” to the province to understand the local business environment.
  • This exploratory visit also enables them to learn about business practices face-to-face and to make local business contacts that may aid in establishing and operating the business.
  • The MPNP holds many business seminars at 700-213 Notre Dame Avenue in Winnipeg to help prospective entrepreneurs become acquainted with the province’s business environment.
  • Entrepreneurs should note that they may need to acquire a temporary visitor visa to enter the country for their exploratory visit.

2. Registration

The next step in the Entrepreneur Pathway is to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) with the MPNP. Applicants should note that an EOI isn’t the actual application for the program. This submission demonstrates the applicant’s interest in applying for the program and serves as a preliminary screening process.

Applicants are required to complete their EOI and submit it via email to They must also include their Business Concept Form, MPNP Code of Conduct, and Self-Assessment Form documents along with the EOI.

The MPNP reviews all EOIs and determines if applicants should be allowed to move on to the next steps. They will issue a special Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) and a Business Concept Code (BCC) for successful applicants along with instructions to proceed to the next step.

Unsuccessful entrepreneur applicants will not be allowed to proceed to the next step. MPNP will offer such applicants feedback on their submission and advise them to review their business concept or try a different one. Entrepreneurs will also need to wait two months after receiving their rejection before submitting another EOI.

3. Application

Successful applicants who are permitted to move on to the next step must complete their MPNP Entrepreneur Pathway application and provide all the supporting documents specified in the Document Checklist. Applicants should note that these documents must be submitted to the MPNP by mail, courier, or in person.

Prospective entrepreneurs who reach this stage must also submit a Verification Report that proves their net worth and source of funds have been verified by an approved service provider. This Verification Report must be submitted within 120 days of receiving the LAA. Most approved service providers take approximately 60 days to complete the verification process and generate a report. Applicants are therefore advised to start this process as soon as they receive their LAA.

There are currently two approved service providers in Winnipeg. These are:

  • Grant Thornton LLP

The final step in the Manitoba PNP Entrepreneur Pathway application submission process is to pay the $2,500 CAD non-refundable processing fee. Applicants must complete this payment via wire transfer.

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Stage Two

4. Application Assessment and Approval

The MPNP assigns a Business Immigration Officer (BIO) to assess each application. Candidates are typically selected if they meet the established eligibility criteria and are able to demonstrate that their businesses will greatly benefit Manitoba’s economy.

The MPNP will issue an Approval in Principle and a Business Performance Agreement (BPA) to successful applicants. The BPA describes the terms and conditions entrepreneurs must meet if they wish to receive a provincial nomination.
Applicants must review their BPA and sign it before returning the MPNP within 60 days.

The MPNP will then issue an Entrepreneur Immigration Nominee Candidate Letter of Confirmation, an Entrepreneur Work Permit Support Letter, and instructions on how candidates can register with the Employer Portal and apply for their Work Permit.

The letters mentioned before are valid for 3 months. Candidates must use them to apply for the Temporary Work Permit. They must then enter Canada with their new Work Permit within twelve months of receiving their confirmation letter.

5. Establishing the Business and Receiving a Nomination

  • Entrepreneurs are required to notify the MPNP that they have arrived in the province within 30 days of entering the country. They must include important details such as their local address, telephone number, and the exact arrival date.
  • Entrepreneurs can then focus on establishing their business and operating it according to the terms and conditions in their BPA. They must submit a First Progress Report after residing in the province for six months. They must then submit their Final Progress Report within twenty months of arriving in the province.
  • The MPNP will issue a nomination recommendation once the applicant has demonstrated that they have fulfilled the terms of their BPA. This nomination is provided in an official Confirmation of Nomination letter sent to the applicant via email.

6. Applying for Permanent Residence

Applicants can then submit their Application for Permanent Residence with IRCC. They must complete this process as soon as possible as the nomination is valid for only 180 days. IRCC will then review the candidate’s permanent residence application and ask for additional information or documents before reaching their decision.

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