Manitoba International Education Stream (IES)

In Manitoba, the International Studies Stream (IES) is a specific immigration stream within the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme (MPNP) designed to assist international students who have finished their studies in the province and meet specific requirements to acquire permanent residency in Manitoba. The IES is focused on meeting the province’s labour market demands while retaining talented international graduates.

Eligibility Requirements for Manitoba International Education Stream

The International Education Stream, or IES, prioritizes international graduates through three dedicated pathways:

  • Graduate Internship Pathway
  • Career Employment Pathway and
  • International Student Entrepreneur Pilot

Graduate Internship Pathway

If you have finished your Master’s or Ph.D. program in Manitoba, you can apply in the Graduate Internship Pathway. The pathway encourages graduate students to work as interns in companies with labour market demand in Manitoba. After meeting all specifications and work experience in Manitoba for a time frame, you may be eligible for nomination for PR in the province.


  • You must have finished your Master’s or PhD in Manitoba within the past three years.
  • Your language proficiency must be CLB/NCLC 7.
  • You should have an Accelerate Entrepreneur or Mitacs Elevate internship certificate/letter from an established industry and research enterprise in Manitoba.
  • You must show liquid funds equivalent to low-income cut-off (LICO) requirements. Or you must have full-time employment in Manitoba.
  • You should be living in the province at the time of your application.

Why You Cannot Apply for MPNP?

You cannot apply for MPNP for various reasons, so before applying, you go through all your documents carefully.

  • If you are a refugee claimant or you are involved in a federal appeal or elimination process.
  • If you are a live-in Caregiver.
  • If you are already working temporarily and living outside of Manitoba in Canada.
  • If your spouse is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • If you have already been refused by MPNP within the last six months.
  • If you have already applied to another province or federal immigration program in Canada.

Career Employment Pathway

This pathway is for international students who have finished their studies in Manitoba and have been offered full-time, long-term employment by a Manitoba company. To be eligible, you must have worked as a temporary foreign worker or an international student for the employer for at least six months and complete all other programme requirements.


  • You must have graduated in the past three years from an approved post-secondary institution in Manitoba.
  • You must have a minimum level of CLB/NCLC 7.
  • A full-time employee from Manitoba with a minimum of 1-year contract in a job on Manitoba’s In-Demand Occupation List.
  • For six months, you must show liquid money equivalent to the low-income cut-off (LICO) requirements for independent financial resources, or you must work in Manitoba in a full-time, long-term position.
  • You must show a keen interest in living in Manitoba and show your Career Employment Plan.

How To Apply?

  • Create an Expression of Interest (EOI) profile.
  • If you receive a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA), you must complete an application to the MPNP.
  • An MPNP officer thoroughly assesses applications.
  • Successful applicants are nominated by the MPNP.
  • Within 180 days from the date of nomination, make a separate application to the Government of Canada for permanent residence.

International Student Entrepreneur Pilot (ISEP)

If you are a graduate have completed your study in Manitoba and want to set up a business in the province, you can apply for this pathway. You would need to meet certain specifications, including a viable business plan.


  • With your application, you will also need to submit your business plan.
  • You must manage the business as a senior manager daily from your Manitoba office for at least 6 months prior to nomination, following the terms of your Business Performance Agreement (BPA).
  • You must hold at least 51% ownership of your business.
  • You must have a full-time post-secondary education program from a recognized institution based in Manitoba.
  • The program must be at least 2 years in duration.
  • Your age must be between 21 to 35 years.
  • A valid open work permit is required at the time of application.
  • You must be a resident of Manitoba since your graduation.
  • Your intent should be clear to live in Manitoba province.
  • A third-party supplier recognized by the MPNP will verify your net worth. Within 120 days of getting your LAA, you must submit a verification report and your application to the MPNP.

How can ELAAR guide you?

At ELAAR, our primary objective is to assist individuals and families in achieving their dreams of immigrating to Canada by providing professional and ethical immigration services. We empathize with the emotional journey that our clients undertake to build a better future in Canada. Thus, we strive to make the immigration process as smooth as possible by offering guidance and support.

Our team of experts is dedicated to helping candidates with all types of documentation and online submissions for the International Education Stream. We pride ourselves on our years of experience and professional expertise in handling complex situations.

Additionally, we operate with integrity, transparency, and ethical practices, and we keep our clients informed throughout the immigration process by providing updates, resolving any concerns, and offering reassurance.

FAQs: Manitoba International Education Stream

These are some frequently asked questions about the Manitoba International Education Stream.

If I graduated from another province of Canada, am I eligible to apply to the International Education Stream?

You are not eligible to apply to the International Education Stream if you graduated from another province of Canada, but you may be eligible to apply through the Skilled Worker in Manitoba pathway.

If I obtain a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) from your office, will I be guaranteed a Permanent Resident Visa to come to Canada?

Receiving a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) is an important step in immigrating to Canada, but it does not guarantee that you will be granted a Permanent Resident Visa. The LAA allows you to submit a complete application to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP), and you will have 60 days from the date of your LAA to do so.

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