Kawal Sharma – Talent Acquisition Director & CPHR

Licensed Temporary Foreign Worker Recruiter (TFWP)

Kawal Sharma, Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) Recruiter (License no. IS-0009012)


About Kawal

Having worked as human resources and administration professional for more than a decade, Kawal Sharma knows that taking care of details can make a big difference in achieving the desired outcome. When someone desire is immigrating to Canada, Kawal relies on her skills to help them while she also looks to her own experience of coming to the country in 2010.

Born in New Delhi, Kawal came to Canada to be with her extended family and allow her children to be part of a growing family tree. She saw first-hand the amount of work a potential immigrant goes through and wants to make things easier for others.

A significant volume of paperwork and processes can make up an immigrant’s journey, but Kawal uses her proficiency in streamlining systems to help others fulfill their dreams of immigrating. It’s a challenging role, but Kawal knows her attention to both big and small details alleviates the stress ELAAR Immigration Consulting’s clients may feel before finding help to navigate the process.

Kawal’s aptitude for administrative procedures also helps her keep the client and the process moving forward quickly and seamlessly to reach the optimal outcome. She works on the operational side of immigration in a project management capacity to ensure nothing is missed in communicating with a client, contacting regulatory bodies or developing an application.

Kawal’s highly professional manner, combined with her caring and understanding nature, makes a difference to every client. Not only does she help others reach their dreams, but she is also fulfilled by helping others create more immigration success stories.

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