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tips for Canadian immigration

Team up with professional consultants to get one step closer to Canada.

Do you think that you can immigrate to Canada on your own? Are you one-hundred-per cent sure that you’ve understood their immigration policies?

Probably not!  No matter who you are or where you come from―you can’t compete with the information that regulated immigration consultants have.

You might believe that the benefits of immigration consultants are grossly overstated. There is a chance that you hesitate to seek consultancy due to money constraints. We understand both your skepticism and concerns.

Yet, it goes without saying that hiring regulated Canadian immigrant consultants is the necessity for you.

This article tries explaining why it’s mandatory to collaborate with an immigration consultant.

But before we list down the benefits, let’s try to answer the main question:

What Is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant?

A Canadian Immigration Consultant must be licensed and regulated by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) which is theregulatory authority created by the Canadian government to protect the consumers who want to take the service and help of Canadian Immigration Consultants. A Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant provides assistance to people who seek to immigrate to Canada for the purpose of study, work, travel or permanent relocation. ICCRC’s is a secure medium to search for authentic immigration consultants for Canada.

Why is important for you to seek regulated professionals?

For starters, theseguys have years of experience under their belt. They’re also always in sync with the on-goings of the immigration process. This makes them the best source of guidance for anyone moving to Canada.

Apart from their skills and expertise, the regulated officials are known to provide you with:

  • Legal immigration solutions
  • Secure networking connections for the move
  • Proper briefing on the legal laws for immigration
  • Effective methods and programs to optimize the move

All in all, they are a safe way to immigrate to Canada. Anyone not registered in this directory won’t be reliable enough for the move. Additionally, they might be scammers who use your vulnerability and desperation to seek monetary gains. This is something you don’t want to wound up with!

So our advice is toprotect you from fraudulentby choosingauthorized immigration consultants.

What Are the Benefits of ImmigrationConsultants?

The main benefit is that theysupport you throughout the immigration process. Moreover, they take over most of the paperwork. This means that you end up saving time, money and minimize risks of misconduct when you collaborate with professionals.

Let’s have a closer look at everything they have to offer:

1. Setting You on the Right Track

Did you know? There are over60 immigration programs in Canada.

This means you’ve got more than sixty routes to pick for your immigration process. The only problem is that most immigrants are unaware of these options. That’s why they end up applying for the most frequently used immigration programs. The ones they have heard about or seen other people applying to in their imminent social circle.

But here’s the catch! Your selected immigration program might not be the right fit for you. It may so happen that you chose the wrong path even though a more preferable solution existed. This is the very reason why you need an authorized Canadian immigration consultant by your side.  Their extensive knowledge and holistic view on the situation makes them the best asset for you. They’ll even help you pick the perfect path for you.

They’ll help you choose aCanadian immigration program that:

  • Aligns with your needs
  • Fits your immigration profile
  • Is the best alternative

Moreover, they might even pull in a few strings to simplify the process for you. With their assistance, you won’t feel completely clueless when you initiate the Canadian immigration process.

2. Simplified Solutions

Canadian immigration consultants

Get the best advice on Canadian immigration from consultants.

 Do you think you’ve got everything you need for your Canadian immigration?

Most immigrants make the mistake of looking things up online and then implementing the misguided information. The fact of the matter is that online databases can’t possibly provide applicants with the full picture.  Additionally, no amount of ‘how to immigrate to Canada’ guides can thoroughly cover all the bases.

In fact, even official government websites don’t share all the legal regulations, clauses or rules on one platform. You’re required to get the proper information through thorough research on multiple platforms.

So what should you do?You need to contact the right sources and dig up more research if you want to go through the complete process. This means that you need to retrieve the information through proper channels. Plus, even when you do access all the information, it isn’t necessary that you’ll understand it. We’ve seen countless cases where immigrants have made devastating mistakes due to misinterpretation.

Sounds confusing, doesn’t it? This is exactly why you’re better off with an immigration consultant at your side. They help you navigate through the nitty-gritty details of paperwork and application legalities. They also ensure that you understand each and every step of the immigration process.

3. Authorized Channels

Many immigrants are intimidated by the prospect of representing themselves in front of the Canadian government. In reality, they are unlikely to this alone. That’s because an average immigrant isn’t qualified enough to tackle the legal process. Thus, they have to hire a consultant by default.

Yet, if you do this after your visa process has met a roadblock then you’re bound to pay a hefty price. Moreover, you need to start briefing them on your whole immigration profile/process in a very short time. Not only does this prove to be an inconvenience for both of you. But it also prevents you from receiving proper customized solutions. That’s because the lack of time may cause consultants to act hastily. So your delayed decision causes you to lose out on money, time and precision.

Bonus Factor:

You don’t just get official representation for the immigration department when you hire a licensed consultant. It is believed that immigration consultants are a great medium to:

  • Apply at notable universities/schools in Canada
  • Get in touch with recruiters and talent hunters
  • Coordinate with the main immigration office
  • Seek information and queries about the legal aspects of the paperwork

All in all, they ensure that everything is done via proper channels.

4. Staying on Top of the Process

Role of Canadian immigration consultants

Keep tabs on the immigration process with the right kind of assistance.

Deadlines are the driving force for all your immigration milestones. From sending in the application forms to handing over your supplementary documents―there are several dates to remember here. Plus, there is a lot of paperwork that‘s required for you to become an eligible candidate for immigration. You’re bound to mess up or miss out on details when you’re working alone. This is especially true for people who’ve never lived abroad.

In this case, getting a regulated consultant seems like a strategic move. That’s because their professional assistance will help you to:




  • Stay on top of all your deadlines without a hitch
  • Cover all the minute details in the paperwork (e.g. signatures, spellings and supplementary documentation)
  • Meet the requirements and fulfill all the necessary steps needed for each immigration program

Moreover, there have been times where the rules or format of the application program has been modified. These are things that you won’t hear about until your visa gets rejected. The consultants prove to be an effective way to prevent any misstep.

In short, immigration consultants operate as a voice of wisdom during your immigration process. They ensure that you don’t miss out any important stuff or sign up to something that’ll tarnish your reputation in front of the officials.

Why Choose Us?

benefits of Canadian immigration consultants

Get your hands on a Canadian passport by opting for a professional consultant.

Elaar Immigration Consulting Inc is one of the leading immigration consultancy firm for immigration to Canada.  They tick all the boxes when it comes to finding effective solutions for your immigration.  They are diligent, meticulous and licensed practitioners.

In fact, you can look up our principal consultant Keshav Sharma on the ICCRC directory to verify our claims. We use our expertise to equip you with the right knowledge on immigration. We ensure that your journey to Canada commences without a hitch.

Let’s Sum It Up…

In a nutshell, the benefits of hiring a Canadian immigration consultant are multifaceted. These professionals are the faces that represent you in front of the immigration office. They’re also the best way to secure a visa to Canada in a time-effective and hassle-free manner.


So what are you waiting for?

Let’s kick-start your Canadian immigration process by putting our best foot forward!

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