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The Express Entry Canada immigration program is one of the best ways to get Canada PR. Even though people claim that they are all aware of the Express Entry program, most people do not fully understand it. There are few misconceptions about the Express Entry program, which we at Elaar Immigration will clear out in this quick read.

#1. Myth: It is mandatory to have a job offer to be eligible for Express Entry.

Fact: It is not necessary to have a job offer. Having one will help improve your score and chances.

The facts confirm that Canadian companies will be permitted to have a more direct effect through Express Entry. Yet, you won’t need an employment offer to move to Canada under the system.
Each candidate receives specific points in the Express Entry pool and is ranked using the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Under this system, you could get up to 1,200 points. Out of 1200 points, one could get 50 or 200 points depending on the NOC code of the qualifying job offer or 600 points for a provincial nomination certificate.

#2. Myth: No language test is required to enter the pool of Express Entry.

Fact: All the applicants should pass the language proficiency test, which is recognized by the Government of Canada, before entering the Express Entry pool.
All the applicants have to submit proof of language test results, which is confirmed by CIC. An applicant should either have English or French proficiency test results to enter the pool of Express Entry.

The language proficiency test score should meet the eligibility criteria, as mentioned by IRCC, for your selected federal economic immigration program. Hence, it is mandatory to take a language test if you are willing to enter the Express Entry pool.

English IELTS (Accepted: IELTS General training and not accepted: IELTS Academic for Express Entry)
CELPIP (Accepted CELPIP General test and not accepted CELPIP General-LS test for Express Entry)
French TEF Canada: Test d’evaluation de francais
TCF Canada: Test de connaissance du francais

#3. Myth: The eligible occupation list under the Federal Skilled Worker Program despite everything still applies.

Fact: There is a lot of confusion from potential applicants around the subject of the older eligible occupation list for the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) and whether it stays in place or will be updated. There is currently no eligible occupation list at all.

Instead, applicants should prove they’ve had a year’s job experience in a skilled occupation at some point in 10 years. This is mostly uplifting news for potential applicants who were not included in the past eligible occupations list regarding eligibility.

Canadian jobs fall under National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes, which are separated by expertise type and level, so you will have the option to check whether your occupation is named skilled.

Remember that the ineligible occupation list for Canadian Experience Class will also not apply to Express Entry.

#4. Myth: For being a Canadian economic immigrant, the only way is by applying under the Express Entry Canada immigration program

Fact: Most of the federal economic immigration programs come under Express Entry. However, the Canadian provinces can select the candidates from outside of the Express Entry System in a particular allocation.

Every province in Canada can select candidates based on the labour market requirement. The provinces can choose the number of immigrants under the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Under PNP, the provinces select the candidates who need not qualify the Express Entry eligibility criteria. It means that even though most economic immigrants will have to apply under the Express Entry system, including a few particular allocations, each territory and province will still have a base PNP.

For instance, Quebec is not a part of the federal Express Entry System. The immigrants have the option to apply under the Skilled Worker channel and a Quebec Experience program.

#5. Myth: One can enter false information while applying under the Express Entry system.

Fact: If you enter false information about yourself and get caught, you will be penalized. Do not lie in your application.

While applying for Canada immigration, no matter how many documents you need to submit, you cannot take the risk by lying on your immigration application. May it be you require time to collect all your records or attain few extra credentials before getting the ITA. Maybe you are just hoping you might not get caught, and then indeed, your future is at risk as you might get debarred forever from applying for Canada immigration.

The Government of Canada is stringent while checking and processing the immigration applications and the officials are vigilant to detect false information. The penalty for giving incorrect information and misrepresentation has increased from two years to five years of inadmissibility and a 5-year ban for applying for Canada PR.

#6. Myth: Once you get the Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada PR under the Express Entry system, to gather the documents, you’ll have lots of time.

Fact: It will be a hassle in collecting your required documents if you wait for your ITA, which you need to submit within the 60 days.

It takes time to gather all the required documents for your Canada immigration under Express Entry. You have to be ready with your documents, educational certificates, qualification credentials, employment reference letter, and other necessary documents to support your application.

#7. Myth: Whoever wants can enter the Express Entry pool.

Fact: If you are eligible for Canada immigration through the federal economic immigration program, you can enter the Express Entry pool.

It is the biggest misconception. People often think that anyone can immigrate to Canada under the Express Entry Canada immigration program. However, this is so not true! For immigrating to Canada under Express Entry, the candidate has to be eligible for one of the existing federal economic immigration programs, which are the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), and the Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

#8. Myth: Under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), the applicants can get to know their scores and rankings and the number of points they require for an invitation to apply (ITA).

Fact: The applicants can get to know their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) total points, but they’ll not get their specific ranking. The applicants will get to see the recent draw’s threshold points, but they will not know the total points required for the next Express Entry pool draw.

The CRS is for CIC’s benefit, an accurate technique to calculate the eligible applicants’ rank. CIC does not specify the upcoming draw score, but the qualified applicants can check the previous scores. Using this information, an applicant would know how many points he/she should aim. Although there is no guarantee of the points for the draw you are seeking, which will help you obtain your ITA for Canada PR under the Express Entry Canada immigration program.

#9. Myth: Express Entry is the most comfortable option for immigrating to Canada.

Fact: The Government of Canada is stringent while checking and processing the immigration applications, and one must submit all the supporting documents to meet the eligibility criteria as per the CIC’s standards.

The Government of Canada is striving hard to improve its immigration system, which will overcome Canada’s labour market shortage and increase the economy. For this, the processing time of the immigration application has shortened, but that does not mean your application won’t get checked. Your application will be reviewed meticulously. Hence, all the documents submitted should be valid, and the information presented should be accurate.

Once your Express Entry Canada PR gets approved, you have to move to Canada within the stipulated timeline given by IRCC. If you wait for a longer duration, your acceptance letter will be at risk.

Do you want to apply for Canada PR via the Express Entry Canada immigration system? If yes, then to receive an ITA for Canada PR, you should get selected from the Express Entry pool of highly skilled candidates. At Elaar immigration, we help you stand out by highlighting your best factors, and we make sure the Canadian Government notices your application. To know more and to increase the chances of receiving ITA, call our experts at Elaar immigration.

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