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Canada is the best nation to seek education because of which the country pulls in a considerable number of students every year from abroad. To study in Canada is considered of extraordinary worth as it is equivalent to the US, Australia and other European Countries. The quality of education and quality of life in Canada is considered to be the best among all nations. Canada is known to offer top-notch education at moderate educational costs with degrees that are universally recognized.

Parents, Students and Canada

You and your child must have the same views with regards to study in Canada. The procedure is a bit complicated as you need to have accurate data and an understanding of the overall process. Misguidance can transform this great opportunity into a bad dream. We at ELAAR Immigration are well aware of your anxiety, be it finance-related, security and safety, Canadian colleges and Universities, course details and University accreditation. To deliver our services, we have built-up this guide to assist and help every parent and their children with precise information regarding the process, Canadian colleges and universities along with the course.

Elaar has in-built CRM systems wherein the best courses and Canadian colleges and Universities are recommended depending on the student’s profile, academic performance, budget, interests, preference of areas in Canada, immigration and Canada student visa options, work market outlook for the next 10 years, and so on. In view of these parameters, Elaar recommends up to 10 courses/Universities to the students and their parents and after the discussion about it with them, the top 5 are chosen to begin the admission procedure.

Considering important points

  • Plan out the steps and work according to the plan
  • Be serious about the counseling sessions
  • Knowing your child’s preference about course, Canadian colleges and Universities and to study in Canada.
  • Cost consideration
  • Knowing the complete admission process, Canada immigration and Canada student visa procedure.
  • Having detailed information of the Canadian colleges and the Universities you have selected.

Getting to know your child’s choice

Firstly, know about the dreams of your child to study in Canada. ELAAR Immigration helps students to accomplish their dream to study in Canadian colleges and Universities. Elaar helps students to choose a specific course of their choice as Elaar offers CRM system software for the same. The experts at Elaar get to know the student’s liking and depending on it they suggest courses of their interest.

The duty of every parent is considerably crucial with regards to getting to know their child’s interest. Student’s dreams may be altogether different from what their parents may have thought. When it comes to an understanding of what your child is interested in pursuing, it is the responsibility of the parents to help their children by seeking assistance from ELAAR Immigration.

Straightforwardness about the financial perspectives

Concentrating on courses abroad is absolutely a speculation, and the expense of courses in Canada makes it a great deal. To have a stable arrangement and make the best out of the investment, guardians need to discuss this straightforwardly with the students. So the choice can be made straightforwardly and consistently, which can dodge numerous inconsistencies with regards to the entire procedure. ELAAR Immigration best assists you to shortlist the course and specific Canadian colleges and Universities depending on your budget.

Getting to know the complete procedure

ELAAR Immigration emphatically feels and proposes that the parents should be equally associated and involved with the complete process as much as the child. They should give time for the counseling sessions as well as to the entire admission process. Parents can make the progressively experienced choice and keeping yourself connected with and open to the information can assist you with settling on the correct option for your child.

The Canadian Colleges and Universities

While selecting the Canadian colleges or University and registering for the course in Canada, parents must consider the following key point to focus on before signing up for any course for studying in Canada :

  • Canadian College/University Recognition – To check if the Canadian Colleges or universities are recognized and accredited by the respective regulatory bodies.
  • Post Graduate Work Permit – One must check if the courses and the University is eligible for the Post Graduate Work Permit. This is the most important point for those who have plans to immigrate to Canada permanently after finishing their education.
  • Canadian University Ranking – One must have an eye on the market reputation of that University as this includes many factors.
  • Fee Structure – Knowing the fee structure of the institution is very important as one invests time and energy to complete the course.
  • Province Immigration Terms – It is also mandatory to check if the Province of the Canadian college or University offers international students with worthy immigration pathways for transition and to get Canadian permanent residency.

Hence, it is important to know whether the institute is worth your time and money. Talking about the fee structure, one must know that, for two public institutions the fee can vary up to 50% for the exact same course. Hence, one must check on that before choosing the course. Along with studies, some students are interested in extra-curricular activities, sports, yoga, dance and so on. As these are important for some students, they must keep a check on these points while finalising the University.

ELAAR Immigration assists you with all the information in our one to one sessions. We also discuss the pre-requisites as well as regarding the post-landing assistance which we offer.

Benefits of Studying in Canada

Being a student, your child might get a chance to work in Canada and gain work experience. This includes on campus as well as off campus jobs. These are important pointers yet just the work the students do after their graduation will add points when they will apply for Canadian Permanent Residency. That is the reason it’s critical to utilize the post-graduate work permit to get the sort of work experience that will make your child qualified to become a Canadian permanent resident. It is easier to get Permanent Residency if you pursue a course from Canada. Furthermore, turning this Permanent Residency into citizenship would take less time if you have spent time in Canada as a student and a temporary foreign worker.

Regardless of whether you decide to choose the University in huge, energetic urban areas or choose a little grounds in a small community, your experience will be one that will shape your life. It might lead to getting a fabulous future in Canada, or better profession prospects in the country. At any rate, it will give your children access to the nations four wonderful seasons, all the way open spaces, multicultural decent variety, clean condition and mind blowing personal satisfaction.

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Wrapping up

When your child’s departure date is near, invest time with them. Give them love, help and back them for their choice. Also, have a word with your relatives and your colleagues who reside in Canada. Do give their contact information to your child.

Experts at ELAAR Immigration

Elaar Immigration offers you the best services by briefing you about the Canada student visa procedure. We offer 360 degree services to the students who are curious to take up a course in Canada. As we are based in Canada, we are well aware about the Universities and courses. Depending on the student’s choice, we assist them in finalising the best fit University for them.

Elaar Immigration helps you through the complete procedure. We assist students to choose the right course at the right Canadian college or university depending on the budget. Our expert counsellors will provide in-depth information on specific courses and institutes available based on students’ academic and work backgrounds. The specialists will deliver individual guidance for helping in selecting the accurate course in the best Canadian university according to the student’s profile, financial constraints, future aspirations and interest. Moreover, once the student completes his course, our team of experts guide and help the individual to get the Canadian permanent residency and in time obtain Canadian citizenship.

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